In Clinic Treatments

First Session Including Consultation 90 minutes

Follow up sessions 60 minutes


These are two therapies that can help with a whole load of fertility, menstrual, abdominal and pelvic issues.  I have a clinic in Guildford.  I will take a thorough consultation on your current health picture, develop a plan which includes the treatment plan and lifestyle changes to help you, and treat you by massaging your abdomen and back.  I also integrate reflexology for some clients.


I don't take on more clients until I have finished focussing on one as I am keen to work with clients at a deep level to achieve results, so to join my list, e-mail me at rachel@thehealthywomb.com.  This is great news for you though as you know that if I am working for with you, I am fully committed to helping you.




Learning Self Abdominal Massage

90 minutes


I will find out more about you, what your body is doing and teach you an abdominal massage that is specific to you.


I will show you the technique and watch you perform it on yourself to ensure that you are doing so safely and let you know how often you can perform them or when in your cycle they can be performed.


I will then send you your massage plan with the techniques we covered and their descriptions, so you don't have to worry about writing anything down during the session and can just focus on learning these beautiful techniques.


You will also have the opportunity to either have a further follow up session (up to 30 minutes) or three follow up e-mails for you to ask any further questions that come (ideally within 4-6 weeks).


To arrange a time to learn this, contact me on rachel@thehealthywomb.com.

This Is For You If...


You are experiencing any of the below issues:


Period pain or cramping


Ovulatory pain


Actively trying to conceive


Migraines during ovulation, prior to or during your bleed


Back pain prior to or during your bleed


Pain down the back of legs prior to or during bleed


Constipation or loose stools at any time


If you suffer cysts, fibroids,

endometriosis or any other "female issue"


Irregular cycles


Heavy bleeds


If you don't get a bleed but should


You get dark sludgy blood during your bleed


You have a weak pelvic floor


You feel disconnected to your womb


You are feeling everything is a bit "wobbly", out of place after having a baby


You have no issues but want optimum abdominal or pelvic health

This Isn't Suitable For You If...


You are already pregnant


You have cancer or other serious condition currently undergoing or waiting for treatment


You are still waiting for their scar to heal post C-section


If you are unsure if you are suitable, please contact me




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