Skype 30-60 minutes


I will review your your food diary with you as well as go through a thorough consultation to understand what is happening with you hormonally and help you interpret the signs that your is telling you about your hormone levels, inflammation levels and stress levels.  I work with issues that can affect fertility though not directly thought to be related, such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis, bowel conditions and bladder conditions.



I will help you to understand why certain foods affect your body in certain ways.  We will work together to find a plan and solution that you can integrate into your daily routine at your own pace and I will help you to work out what works for you and what doesn't when it comes to food.



I will give you some resources to get you started and also show you where to grow your other resources.

This Is For You If...


You want to understand what your body is telling you


You are open minded and willing to try new foods and ways of cooking.


You are willing to take control and take charge of your health rather than have someone tell you what to do.


You are willing to make small changes to your lifestyle and nutritional routine.




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