This Autumn, or Fall to my friends across the pond, I will be running an online cleanse programme to a small group of women who want to do a group cleanse.


The programme will be a food based cleanse, the gentlest form of cleansing, in a group setting.  We will also look at other detox practices to help you cleanse and in the support of a group.  The cleanse is broken down over a number of week's so you build it up over time.  By week 4 you will be on the full cleanse.


Find out more about cleansing, detoxing and how it can help you and your periods, watch the webinar replay here (from the Spring Cleanse enrolment):















What You Will Get


This cleanse is a step by step guide to gently ease you into the cleanse.  You will get:

  1. Videos walking you through each week of the cleanse.

  2. Pre cleanse exercises to help you prepare for the cleanse.

  3. Lessons in meal planning and preparation.

  4. A shopping list and recipe book.

  5. Lessons on optimising your eating, cravings and routines to support you in cleansing.

  6. A Facebook group in which you can ask for support questions and build your network of fellow cleansers.

What You Will Need


The focus will be around real food so the basic kitchen basics are assumed eg, knife, chopping board and a kitchen.  There are a number of smoothie recipes, so a decent smoothie maker or blender is useful.  It doesn't have to be expensive, just suitable for smoothies.


You will also need a journal, time and a commitment to this programme for a month and to want to get to know, be supported by and support your cleanse friends in the Facebook Group.


Is The Cleanse Suitable For Vegetarians, Vegans, Allergy Sufferers?


There are a number of recipes in the book, but some involve meat and other allergens.  However, these recipes are easy to adapt.


Who Is The Cleanse Suitable For?

Anyone who who wants to get their body feeling great again with the change of season, especially now the Summer is over.  This is a great opportunity to:


  • Start exploring healthy foods and ways of eating in a group setting.

  • Give your body the tools it needs to get your hormones and cycles into a more regulated rhythm.

  • Help your period or PMS issues.

  • Someone who is motivated to make a change in their health and willing to commit to at least a month of changes.

  • A great start to an elimination diet (we will be cutting out, refined and processed foods - yes, that does included refined flours and sugars, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, dairy and soy).

If you are ​motivated to take control of your health, understand that there are no quick fixes, then this programme is for you lady!

Who Is The Cleanse Not Suitable For?

Anyone who is tied to the traditional health model of expecting someone to fix their health concerns, or have a magic bullet will find this programme isn't suitable for them.  You must also ensure that you speak with your primary care provider before undertaking any dietary change or exercise programme.

If you have any of the following, please speak to your doctor about your suitability first and then contact me, so that we know if there is any possibility you won't be suitable for this programme: unexplained bleeding, unexplained weightloss or gain, unexplained pain, any medications or medical conditions that you think may affect your ability to do a food based cleanse, allergies, diabetes or if you are waiting to see a doctor or specialist for any medical reason.  


This is not a weight loss diet, although if you are overweight, you may find you start losing weight on the cleanse once you are in full cleanse mode.

What's The Investment?


This time around it will be $99 USD.  This is because it is the first iteration of this programme.  In future cleanses, the price will be higher.  However, there will be an early bird enrolment period first at $50 for a limited time period. You will get lifetime access to the course materials (if I take the course offline, you will get notice to download or the materials sent to you).

I am also giving away 2 places on the cleanse to two people that fill join the waiting list below.

Please note as you get most of the content on enrolment, there is no money back guarantee.


Any Other Questions


Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions on

Want to Join Me?


If you are interested in joining the cleanse, sign up to the waiting list below to get first notifications as to when the doors open.  Don't forget if you want to enter the competition for a free place, fill in the box.





To join a Facebook community of supportive women to talk about women's health in confidence click here.


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