August 17, 2016

I don't know about you, but I have been following the Olympics and I loved the fact that Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui actually broke through the period taboo. 

It reminded me of the time when I used to swim every day, I found that my exercise levels varied heavily from week to week.  I couldn't figure out why some days, I could swim 2 km in record time, followed by aqua-aerobics, and I will still have to go running afterwards,  just to feel tired enough to go to bed.

Then the next wee...

August 10, 2016

Nearly every post I write about cycle charting, whether on this site or guest blogging, I regularly get people asking me in the comments "Am I pregnant?" and "Can you tell without taking a pregnancy test?" I even get many other women's health practitioners asking me this too.

There are a whole host of classic signs of earlier pregnancy many of them could be a sign of other things.  Let's take a look at these common symptoms: 

  • implantation bleeding

  • cramping 

  • back ache 

  • tende...

August 3, 2016

Women who care about their periods, hormones and fertility seem to intuitively know that standard sunscreens aren't great for us (I explain this below).  And as someone who has not only had hormonal issues, but also battles with allergic reactions to sunscreens, and had two moles removed, I feel that we should be more aware of all our sun protection options.

An intriguing new trend that has caught my eye  recently, is the "using coconut oil for sunscreen" or other oils that ar...

July 27, 2016

Summer’s here and it appears that the main question on everyone’s lips is to D or not to D, Vitamin D that is.

There is so much conflicting advice on wellness websites and medical authorities about vitamin D, sun exposure and supplementation, and, only this week in the news, did the Scientific Advisory on Nutrition (SACN) in the UK decide that everyone should take a vitamin D supplement in the Winter.

Many of you ask me about vitamin D for various cycle related and fertility issues, so here is the...

July 13, 2016

One subject that comes up regularly with preconception and fertility clients is a Luteal Phase Defect (LPD) also known as a shortened luteal phase.  It is vitally important that if you are trying for a baby to get your luteal phase to a decent length to maximise your chances of conception.  

However, it is also important for your health to ensure that your body is getting enough progesterone which is essential for long term health (to find out more, sign up for the cycle charting kit which i...

July 6, 2016

This is a topic that keeps popping up over and over again.  So many of my clients are asking me about it at the moment it seems to be making a come back.  I am going to preface this discussion with:  I do not teach withdrawal as I am not qualified to.  I don't know much about it other than my research below and IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN USING IT AS YOUR METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION, YOU MUST SEEK FURTHER ADVICE AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST.

Now I have made it clear that this article is...

July 3, 2016

So many of my nutritional therapy clients come to me for a nutritional plan to fix many of their issues with periods and fertility and I can draw up a detailed meal plan with the exact nutritional requirements suitable for them.  They are so excited, we talk about it and they go home and maybe try a meal from it on day 1.

They may even do three days worth of meals but eventually they all fall off the wagon.  The thing is that making drastic changes to your nutritional routines, are very unlikely...

June 29, 2016

One thing many of my charting clients ask me is "why do I get really hot just before my period?".  I also have a few clients who have this issue on the first day or two of their period and they come to me with confusion.

It's funny how our bodies work sometimes, especially if you are used to being cold throughout most of the month.  So what is going on?

During the second half of the cycle, if we have successfully ovulated, our ovary produces vast quantities of progesterone, the heating hormone.  T...

June 15, 2016

I don't know about you but I think it is a shame that we don't learn about our menstrual cycle at school in the depth we should.  Most people can't even name the distinct phases.  I remember my first women's health specific training (Fertility Massage Therapy a few years ago if anyone is wondering) and finding out so much about the menstrual cycle and I remembered being an 11 year old girl pre-internet pouring through the information that various tampon companies and sanitary towel companies had...

May 24, 2016

One of the common misconceptions I come across a lot is so many people think that Sympto-Thermal Methods such as Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness (FAM) are variations of the rhythm method.  But this couldn't be further from the truth.  Let me explain why.

The Rhythm Method

This is a based on the theory in which women had 28 day cycles and always ovulate on day 14.  Different variations will tell you that you can get pregnant by having intercourse before day 14, on day 14...

April 13, 2016

Isn't technology just amazing these days? I still sometimes become over awed with Skype as I remember the concept of the internet and television phone calls as a futuristic idea from my childhood.  I just think it is incredible that I can talk to people on the other side of the world, live and in real time.

But how is technology affecting our cycles?  You can get apps telling you almost anything these days.  In all honesty, there are so many period tracking, ovulation predictor and fertility moni...

January 9, 2015

Are you bleeding at irregular intervals, mid cycle or during ovulation?  Are your bleeds closer together or further apart than you think they should be (should be 28-35 days) apart normally.  Do you know what a healthy bleed should look like?

One question that comes up time and time again with my clients, whether they come to me for a bodywork therapy such as a womb massage, or whether they come to me for Sympto-Thermal charting, is recognising a true bleed.

Once thing that seems to cause con...

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