I love helping women with their period problems, and many of you reading my blog ask me about online programmes and learning how to help other women too.

One of the women I trained with is my friend and mentor, Nicole Jardim, a woman's health and functional nutrition coach. She has a suite of programmes and her apprenticeship is up for enrolment again. As a proud graduate (and affiliate of these programme), I am happy to recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their hormonal health or those who want to help other women.

Wanna know more? Nicole and I chat in this video about periods and how just a few simple food changes can help:

If you wish to enrol using the links below you can enrol on the courses with the bonuses mentioned on the video.

Fix Your Period Apprenticeship video series

Fix Your Period Apprenticeship sign up

Fix Your Period Programme Track 1 for women with painful periods, heavy periods, heavy bleeding, short periods, breakthrough bleeding or PMS.

Fix Your Period Programme Track 2 for women with long cycles, irregular cycles or no periods.

Please note that the bonus sessions are only available if you sign up with the above links.

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