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One of the common misconceptions I come across a lot is so many people think that Sympto-Thermal Methods such as Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness (FAM) are variations of the rhythm method. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Let me explain why.

The Rhythm Method

This is a based on the theory in which women had 28 day cycles and always ovulate on day 14. Different variations will tell you that you can get pregnant by having intercourse before day 14, on day 14 and after day 14. But all studies on this show it is only 75% effective. This is the same as no protection at all.

The reasons being that most women don't have an exact 28 day cycle and even less have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 14. And combine with that the confusion of when you are fertile, this doesn't make for a good mix at all.

Sympto-Thermal Methods

These are methods based on scientific evidence based and involve learning what your fertile signs are, how the male and female reproductive systems work and observing when you change to infertile. It involves taking your temperature every day first thing, observing your cervical fluid each day and recording these. It also involves partners communicating about what they wish to do during their fertile period.

It takes time (usually 3 months to learn) and is best learnt with a qualified teacher but there are plenty of options around.

Watch this video for more information on the difference between the two methods.

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