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If you are looking to find out more about your about your menstrual health, hormonal issues, body literacy, understanding women's health conditions, fertility, both natural and assisted, you are in the right place!
I'm Rachel, I'm also known as the Period Whisperer (TM) and Hormone Whisperer, amongst my friends, colleagues and clients for the work I do on understanding women's periods, cycles and what that means in terms of women's health.

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I know what it is like when you have a problem, whether it is fertility or period pain, irregular cycles, you want to know more and try and understand what is going on.  As an introduction to why your menstrual cycle is so important, you can sign up to my free guide to charting your cycle and inner season by signing up top left.



This guide will help you understand the basic of your cycle, your peaks and troughs and it will enable you to start understanding your own cycle, even if you don't bleed at the moment.


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Understand More About Your Body

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Womb Tube - pun intended


I have a Youtube channel called Womb Tube, nice and easy to remember, I have both my own quick videos, some playlists to check out.


Here are the top viewed videos to start with:


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I have a Facebook group for women to talk about all sorts of women's health issues, in confidence with no spamming, no need to feel embarrassed with a supportive community of ladies.  If you want to join, click here.


If you are a women's health practitioner, or you are a qualified practitioner looking to get into women's health and want to find out more about my training and mentoring, then join this group.  As it is for practitioners only, I will message you to find out what modality you practice, so if you don't get approved, within a few days, check out out your "other" folder in facebook messages.


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If you want to know more about my own healing experience, how I went from painful periods and infertility to a painfree period and restored ovulation, my experience and specialist qualifications, hop over to this page.  You can also ask me questions in the Facebook group.

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I have a physical clinic in Guildford and a Skype clinic. I do offer a range of therapies and coaching which I appreciate can be overwhelming, but I will advise you depending on your consultation form what format sessions I think would be best suited to you and guide you in the right direction.  You can read about the therapies I offer here. To find out more, e-mail me or book here.


I also offer a range of webinars on women's health, group coaching programmes, cycle charting and many other things, so sign up to my e-mail list below to be kept in the loop about when they are.