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Does This Sound Familiar?


Do you suffer from PMS, period pain, migraines, back ache just before or during your bleed or maybe around ovulation?


Are your periods irregular or non existent?  Are you looking to improve your fertility or get a more reliable and regular menstrual cycle?  Maybe you are considering or going through IVF.


If so you are in the right place!

You Are Not Alone


There are so many women out there who are fed up with their menstrual problems, they suffer from pains, digestive issues and all sorts of issues around their periods that they just can't get solved.


Doctors either don't get it and never come up with an answer or just put them on medication such as the Pill, hoping or assumming it fixes the issues.  It may well do for a short period of time but then other symptoms occur.


There are so many women out there who share these frustrations and who have no one who understands how bad it can get, some even making up reasons as to why they are calling in sick to work as they are too embarressed that it is a "women's problem" that others don't seem to get.  Others even consider getting a hysterectomy to relieve them of the pain.


You may even just be curious about self care to improve your womb health and that is ok too.


If you fit any of the above, then you are so welcome here!
















About Me


I work with women who have all sorts of PMS and pelvic related issues and I understand what it is like to be crippled in pain for 3 days a month and having the most crazy issues with my hormones, because it happened to me!



My Story & Why I Understand Your Issues


When my periods started it pretty much felt like my life was over.  I was not even a teenager and I was crippled with serious period pains that would at best cause me to be bed ridden and at worst would cause me to collapse.  Fainting was a regular occurrence and I was teased mercilessly at school for not being able to cope.  Even the teachers used to disbelieve they could be that bad.  And what made it worse was that my period didn't know it was supposed to only last up to 5 days and come once a month.  Sometimes it would last for weeks, other times it would come every 10 days or so, along with all the symptoms.  And I had the worst acne, just what you don't want as a teenager.


After seeing several GPs and an endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on the pill.  I remember feeling so relieved just to find out that there was a diagnosis.  Eventually, the periods became more regular and my acne started to improve but then came another few side effects, mood-swings and bloating.


Over the next decade I tried 3 different brands of pill, then the IUD, which was agony and caused constantly bleeding (and I found out later had caused internal injuries), followed by the implant (I put on a shed more weight again) which the NHS refused to remove so I had to pay £300 privately for the privilege.  I was then put on a different pill and after experiencing severe chest pain and palpitations found out how dangerous it was.


I was then put on another pill, only to find out my BMI had shot up )which was a contra-indication for this pill) and I was experiencing migraines with aura so I finally got put on another progesterone only pill.  The symptoms reduced a little, but I still felt rubbish.


My skin looked terrible, my immune system was severely compromised, I put on weight very easily so had to exercise a lot just to maintain and I was so bloated, I had a disproportionate "spare tyre" of fat around my middle.


What was worse was the period pains had come back and over the years, my period was getting darker and darker and for the most part resembled black sludgy stuff.  I started to get ill really easily and a blood panel showed I was deficient in so many essential nutrients.


After doing some more research, I finally sought help from a private nutritionist who specialised in PCOS and other women's disorders.  Within 6 months, I had shed 5 stone and got my vitality back, I finally felt like me again.


I then came across Fertility Massage Therapy when looking at what area of massage I wanted to specialise in, having spent 6 years doing standard Swedish massage.  The first thing I did was start treating myself and it became apparent that my womb was retroverted which accounted for so many symptoms.


After a year of working on my womb, I came off the pill and for the first time in years, had a healthy bright red bleed, free of clots and other stuff.  I had no PMS and only very mild discomfort, I thought I had just slept funny.  It was a shock that I had started a period without a week of feeling miserable and in pain.   It then become my mission to ensure that no other women don't suffer as much as I did, being passed from pillar to post when in fact, there are so many things you can do to help yourself that don't have other side effects.


Having healed myself naturally, coming off the pill and other medications, learning Fertility Massage as self care, studying and qualifying in nutrition myself and changing my lifestyle has transformed my health and my body.  And I can help you too.


I am based in Guildford in the UK and have limited clinic spaces, however, I also teach self care abdominal massage for fertility digestion or both, natural family planning, specialist nutrition and give lifestyle advice that is easy to follow and if done consistently, has had so many great results with my clients.


Why Live Tuition Using Skype?


A lot of programmes out there give general advice that could be suitable to a lot of people or even just allow you to download a self massage and then off you go.  I have tried some of these myself and at first I thought they were good value for money as they were so content rich, however, I had to watch hours of content to find something that was actually useful to me and wasted hours of my precious time, weeding out what was relevant.


There are several reasons I have a different approach.  Firstly, every woman is unique with a different set of symptoms, issues and conditions, so what may work for one woman, may not work for another, or even in some cases make things worse.


When carrying out self massage, it is essential that what tever techniques you do use, that you do them correctly, otherwise they may not have any effect or even worse, you could do yourself some damage.  I guide you through each technique and ensure that you can perform them on yourself safely in order to get the maximum benefit from your massage.


When doing natural family planning, you will have a different set of questions depending on how well you know your body already and what you want to achieve.  You may have "silly" questions (which usually aren't silly at all, just you weren't taught much about your body at school or were too embarrassed to ask).


With the nutritional and lifestyle advice, not everyone is the same, and even if the dietary recommendations are the same, working out a strategy to fill them into your life is difficult.  As well as doing a nutritional diploma, I studied with the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute which gave me the coaching skills to help you integrate the best practices for a range of different women's health issues into your life, whether you are ready to go all in, or just need to make small changes at a time.  Whichever strategy works for you, I am here to support you.


With EFT, I know a lot of people can just send instructions, but being guided through means that you practice with someone prompting you, meaning you pick it up faster and it is more effective immediately.  Sometimes you need guidance on the right set up phrase.


Finally, you get the opportunity to ask me questions there and then as they occur and get an instant answer (or I will make a note to look it up if I don't know the answer immediately).


I want to give you the best chance of fixing your menstrual problems and to do that, I have to give you the best advice for you, personally.


So What Next?


To find out more, read my blog or sign up for updates about my free webinars and latest articles and you can download my free e-guide to better womb health.


If you are interested in being taught a specialised self massage to help you, customised specifically for your conditions, signs and symptoms, lifestyle "tweaks" that can really make a difference or learning natural family planning via Skype (with your own personalised resources sent to you afterwards) the contact me.


My Qualifications & Experience


I have nearly 20 years experience in complementary therapies including:

Holistic/Body Massage,

Reiki Master Teacher,


Meditation Teaching,


Nutritional Therapist



What I Have Helped Women With


  • Period pain

  • PMS

  • Fertility

  • Cysts

  • Fibroids

  • IVF

  • Endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • Irregular Periods

  • Heavy Periods

  • Bloating

  • Menopause transition

  • Moodswings



I have undertaken further specialist training to develop my skills in women's health including qualifying in:


Fertility Massage Therapy (TM)

Natural Family Planning

Reflexology for Women's Health

Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

Certified Women's Health and Nutrition Coach

Find out about a few protocols that can help regulate your cycle by joining the Facebook group.

Booking With Me


I can work with you via Skype or you can book in to see me in my Guildford clinic.


Sign up to my free video course  at the top of the page.



I have undertaken further specialist training to develop my skills in women's health including qualifying in:


Fertility Massage Therapy (TM)

Natural Family Planning

Reflexology for Women's Health

Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

Apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim

Red Tent Doula Training

Booking With Me


I can work with you via Skype or you can book in to see me in my Guildford clinic.


Sign up to my free video course below (or at the top of the page.

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