“I found Rachel to be professional and enthusiastic about her passion for nutrition and fertility. She has a wealth of knowledge and has been ever so helpful with advice on hormones, diet and everything in between. I highly recommend Rachel to help you on your journey”. Edwina Taylor, Perth WA

"Overall, a really relaxing experience.  I was a bit skeptical at first but I changed my mind immediately after the first session.  Rachel was able to indicate whereabouts in my body I was having certain problems (eg thyroid, back muscles) but she also made it a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.  Since then I have come back to her multiple times and I am a regular client of hers".  KK, UK

"Thank you so much for your advice and guidance.  I did wonder how successful a Skype session would be, but it was brilliant.  You have such a lovely personality, it was very easy to be put at ease and explain all my concerns and the issues to you, and I'm already starting to feel a difference after starting the massage therapy.  Thank you again, you are a super star!  Love Jx". JH, UK

"I have been seeing Rachel for a couple of years now, she is a versatile and experienced therapist and is particularly knowledgeable about women's health issues.  I love the combination of modalities that I receive in a treatment, and her reflexology is simply wonderful." Tania, Tadworth, UK

Rachel's knowledge, understanding and passion from her subject - women's health and fertility oozes from every pore of her being. She has a truly vast understanding of her subject and she is a joy chat with, helping my understanding along the way. I'm sure she will work her magic for you”.

Andrea Clarke, Mama Quilla Fertility

"Hi Rachel

Just a note to thank you for all your helpful information , You have a vast array of knowledge which is extremely useful for anyone who is focused on natural heath, getting healthy periods and fertility issues.

Keep up the good work." 


Mary S, IE




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