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Yes, you read it right, I love having my period! I really do. Trust me this wasn't always the case, I had around 20 years of severe pain and heavy bleeding, periods that lasted forever. I struggled changing my two superheavy flow tampons and sleep pads every half an hour and still leaked through. But that is no longer the case. Yay! In fact, these days I love having my period and here is why:

1. I Clear My Diary As Much As I Can

Since learning to chart my cycles using the Sympto-thermal technique, I have come to understand how our bodies really work and how our hormones change throughout the month. When my period is on, I know the lack of oestrogen and progesterone has me feeling flat, dreamy and wanting to chill out.

Now I use this to my advantage. I can't always take a day or even a half day at work, but I can change my diary and put the easier more mundane tasks in and usually take out everything exhausting or physically challenging. I no longer do massage or reflexology on clients during this time.

2. I Get To Indulge In Self Care

If there is one time of the month where you can do this, this is during your bleed. I book in for any spa or bodywork treatments such as massage for myself at this time. Have a relaxing bath with plenty of Epsom salts and some dark chocolate (both increase my magnesium content which is a key nutrient for women's health) and maybe a good book. I get my partner to take over any housework or household chores that need doing. I go in to full Queen mode.

So ladies, if you want an excuse to watch your favourite movies and eat some dark chocolate (at least 80% cocoa), then this is it.

3. I Get Inspiration Coming Out My Ears

Many of my friends and colleagues will tell you I am the idea lady, if you need a few ideas on how to get something done, that is me. However, during my bleed, when we all tend to withdraw and look inward, it feels like a muse takes over. I have so many ideas and inspiration for new projects and how to work on the projects already in place, I have to write them all down before I forget.

4. I Get My Monthly Report

I did a lot to change my health. Since qualifying in nutrition and fertility massage, my body has changed dramatically and my periods are pain free, not even back or hip pain, no migraines, regular flow for 3-5 days, everything is great. However, I know if I have cheated, particularly in the luteal phase as my period will reflect it. Either the flow will get heavier, or the colour will darken, I may get cramps or clots or even PMS.

I always know when I have been "too naughty" with my diet as it pretty much shows up that bleed. But it feels like such a reward when my body recognises that I have eaten nourishing foods that are nutrient dense, not energy dense nutritionally poor food-like substances. Or if I haven't massaged myself regularly or done my exercise (I like to do swimming and yoga as I am very hormonally sensitive to cardio based exercise).

Once I realised that my body was actually sending my signs and signals to interpret, I actually found it easy to start learning how to read them and now I love getting my periods, because, let's face it, who wouldn't want an excuse to indulge themselves and do what they like for a few days.

I thoroughly encourage every woman to get in touch with her cycle and understand what it is telling you, so that you too can enjoy your period whilst you still have them.

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