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I have had a number of panicked phone calls from clients worrying that they have no period, but they know for various reasons that they can't possibly be pregnant. So what is going on? If you period is late there are a few possible reasons it has gone AWOL.

Assuming you aren't on the pill, breastfeeding or entering peri-menopause, here are a few reasons below.

1. Stress

Stress is a huge issue when it comes to our cycles. If you really under a lot of sudden stress, it will often turn off your reproductive system. However, chronic, long term stress can stop you from ovulating, causing a massive delay in when your period arrives.

Travel, changes in routine as well as pressures and every day events can cause your stress hormones to kick in and disrupt your cycle.

2. Body Fat

Your body needs fat to make hormones. Too much and you could be making hormones in the wrong amounts, too little and you will not be making enough. It is important you find your goldilocks weight when it comes to your own cycle.

3. Exercise

This is again linked to body fat but also hormone metabolism. If you do a lot of heavy cardio every day, you aren't going to produce enough sex hormones to get your cycle working. Consider varying your exercise and getting more resistance based exercise in to your schedule.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

A number of hormonal imbalances can stop ovulation from happening and therefore stop your periods from occurring. The more commonly known ones are PCOS and hypothyroidism. However, having too higher levels of oestrogen or blood sugar imbalances can also cause issues with ovulating and periods. Hyperthyroidism can also cause periods to get lighter and disappear so getting all your hormones in check is crucial for regular periods.

5. Medications

Some medications can halt ovulation or stop periods. If you aren't sure if yours is one, ask your doctor or read the patient safety information leaflet that was provided with your medication. You can also find this information out from a good pharmacist.

6. Illness

This is a common one when your body is wiped out by an illness. When your body is ill, it puts all its energy into healing and diverts all extra resources to the areas that need help. Parts of your body not essential to survival such as your reproductive cycle, hair and nails will take a noticeable hit.

7. Poor Sleep Habits

Sleep is an issue for hormones. Your body needs enough sleep, at regular times, in a darkened room regularly for your hormones to function optimally. There are even Lunaception protocols which involve changing the light and dark times in your bedroom to encourage ovulation at certain times.

8. Your Body Is Too Polluted

Sometimes, if you have consumed too much caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed food and other substances that the liver just can't cope with demand, your body prioritises dealing with the poisons and toxins and switches off all non necessary processes.

What Can You Do?

Start charting your cycle is number one as you can start to see how any intervention in health and routine habits have an affect on your cycle. Getting to know your body, understanding what it is telling you through the signs and syptoms your chart is possibly one of the most valuable things you could ever know as a woman.

Cleaning up your lifestyle so that you aren't putting rubbish into your body, eating plenty of nutrient dense food and taking care of yourself are necessary. You can learn to say no to things that aren't necessary or excite you and take care to offset stress with activities that make you feel good inside.

Finally, if you are worried about your missing period, it is worth checking with your doctor for any underlying pathologies (which are rare but do happen).

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