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Yes, you read it right. No, I haven't lost my mind I promise. One thing many women ask me is why do I love my period and look forward to getting it so much. It never used to be the case as I had really painful periods, but now I have gotten rid of the pain, I look forward to my bleed.

Due to the drop in hormones progesterone and oestrogen, I find that my energy levels are quite low and instead of fighting that feeling which led to all sorts of issues, I now have a few practices that I always do during my period that I rarely have time to do the rest of the month.

Additionally, as I chart my cycle and I know exactly when my period is going to arrive, I can plan this in advance, so that I have everything in place.

1. Luxury Bathing

This is one time in the month I ensure I get my luxury bath in and I go all out. It is warm, I decorate it with flowers, candles and crystals so it feels so pretty. It is hot, I add in essential oils and epsom salts (great for absorbing magnesium).

I grab a fiction book, some music, a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate. There is no effort spared and no phone, no one to distract me (although sometimes my partner comes in to have a relaxing chat too).

2. Walk In Nature

There is nothing more relaxing than walking in nature, especially bare foot, which always got me labelled as odd in my younger days, but now I know the value of "earthing", "forest bathing" and the studies backing them up as being relaxing and healing, I no longer worry.

Additionally, as a reflexologist, I know that walking bear foot is also great for stimulating all my reflexes in one go so I get a free reflexology session curteousy of the Earth which is pretty incredible. If you can't find any nature by you, you can get earthing kits.

3. Time in My Woman Cave

Men have their man cave, my bed becomes a woman cave and I allow myself the luxury of early nights when I am on my period so I don't feel tired. Bed is made warm (as I usually feel a bit cold after my progesterone drop) and everything I need is kept near by. I don't do any housework during this period either.

4. Not Having To Do Chores

I never do any housework during my bleed. Meals are prepared in advance or my partner prepares them for us. Food and supplies are bought in in advance. I don't have to worry about a thing, I can kick back and relax.

5. Journalling & Meditation

I try to fit these in a little everyday, but this is the ideal time for me to really connect with my inner self and wisdom that I am too busy to listen to all the time. The extra stillness, quiet and space really gives me the opportunity to reflect and listen to the subtle signs my body has been giving me throughout the month and process how I feel about things.

6. Art & Craft

I love all things arty, however, I often don't feel I can justify these activities during the month when I have lots of other things to do. But I love the things and ensure that I do them when I bleeding. They are part of my woman cave preparations I mentioned in number 3.

I'd love to know what you do to make your period special or what you think you would like to do.

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