This is a topic that keeps popping up over and over again. So many of my clients are asking me about it at the moment it seems to be making a come back. I am going to preface this discussion with: I do not teach withdrawal as I am not qualified to. I don't know much about it other than my research below and IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN USING IT AS YOUR METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION, YOU MUST SEEK FURTHER ADVICE AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST.

Now I have made it clear that this article is me exploring the topic further and not an education session, let's look at withdrawal in more detail.

So, What Is It?

It is a form of contraception that requires the male partner to pull out before ejaculation so that no sperm are internal and have a chance to reach the egg.

How Effective Is It?

To be honest, I don't think it has been studied that much. I hear statistics from 96% to 75% (same as nothing). I have heard of many couples say it works for them and many say that they conceived using it.

So What Are The Criteria For It To Be Successful?

Apparently some key points are:

  • There must be trust between the couple and that the guy knows himself well enough to pull out in time.

  • No ejaculate can go near the vulva or genitalia at all. This makes sense as if you have any cervical fluid of the most fertile type outside your body, it has swimming lanes that can propel the sperm up and in the body, which is why condom packets say no genital contact unprotected.

  • It doesn't not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

  • You need to clean up pretty quickly afterwards to avoid any ejaculate getting near the vulva or genitalia.

  • The guy must urinate and clean thoroughly before another ejaculation to ensure no sperm are left in the tube.

  • Then, a fellow symptom-thermal method teacher posted this study which shows around a third of guys have sperm in their pre-ejaculatory fluid. So this means that even if they withdraw, they could still leave sperm in the female partner. In fairness it is a small study, but if you are avoiding pregnancy, it is worth bearing in mind.

My Verdict

Anyone wanting to use this method must do their research with their partner and find out if it is suitable for them. I always say there is no perfect method of contraception, just the right one for that couple.

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