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I don't know about you but I hated castor oil taken as a remedy, but it is now a valuable tool in my toolkit for my clients who are suffering from period pain, cramping, clots and dark sludgy stuff in their bleeds and fertility issues, but this time, used externally.

I first came across castor oil packs used in this way was in my fertility massage therapy training over 2 years ago. I have seen the application of castor oil help with so many women's health problems, such as period pain, endometriosis and fertility issues.

I also found out, many people apply castor oil packs when they have injuries to speed up repair of the muscle.

So How Do They Work

It is thought that castor oil packs help break down scarring and adhesions, which are a huge cause of period pain and cramping, and are found commonly in women with endometriosis.

The heat also helps circulation to the area, bringing fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood and taking away the waste products. Because of this effect, we advise women don't do castor oil packs whilst bleeding (either due to a period, or IBS), whilst pregnant, with any implanted device or, if actively trying to conceive, between ovulation and the bleed.

There are not many studies done on the effectiveness on castor oil packs but apparently there are some that back up that it strengthens the immune system (for those of you who like me, like to geek out on the science, it supposedly boosts the T-11 cell production).

One final thing that we know about castor oil is that taking the time to relax whilst applying your pack, you have time to relax, which is great for lowering cortisol, a hormone that really knocks your whole period out of whack.

To find out more about castor oil, download your free, printable instructions here.

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